Trip to the Hell’s Gate

There is a little village in Turkmenistan called Derweze. It’s a realy tiny village located in the middle of the Kara-Kum wilderness and it is inhabited by only 350 people. What ‘s especially interesting about the place there is a huge crater that because of it’s nature and appearance is called „The Hell’s Gate”.


Many people cannot believe that the mouth has been bourning from 42 years! Indeed the name of the village „Derveze” means „gate”. The huge hole was created in 1971 by accident. Soviet geologists have harmed the ground’s structure. Due to that the substratum has slumped and this incredibly big 70 meters diameter and 20 meters deep hole. Such things happen but the Derveze hole was particularly serious problem since gas started to go up the crater!

They decided to burn it off expecting it’s not gonna last more then few days. They were wrong. The fire has been lasting till today. As it turned out, the geologists have encountered one of the biggest gas deposits in the world. Today even from a huge distance you can smell the tang of the burning sulphur. What strange, the Turmken goverment doesn’t preadmit to this unbelievable mistake maintaining the crater is a vestige after some huge meteorite!

The history is brathtaking and terrible to me! After my trip to Turkmenistan I couldn’t believe it has happen! And even more I am suprised with the local government’s reaction. But well, who knows how many such places is aroud the Former Soviet Union. Anyways, getting to Derveze wasn’t easy! Border controls on the way from Greece (because I was going by car from Athens) are very strict and suspicious. The longest hours I was standing at the Turkey-Iran border.

I was traveling there fo 3 days and I didn’t visit to any interesting place on the way – such long trip was only because of the super-leery border guards. I have been travelling a lot throughout the world and I met a lot of different people and unfortunatelly I must admit people in the North Asia are not the most kind and helpful people in the world. They seem to be rather distrustful and not so open like European, American of African populaion. That’s interesting. However, I would love to go back there to visit Kazakhstan.

Let me know guys if you have any advices regarding going sightseeing Asian countries. Certainly, every advice can come in handy!