Few words about me

Welcome to my blog devoted to my journeys to strange, unexplored or scarry places all over the world. But first let me tell you a few words about myself. My name is Sebastian and I am an IT specialist. I do love my job especially since it gives me opportunity to work from all over the world. I love it because travelling is my biggest passion and due to I don’t have to be every day at my job-place I can develop my biggest passion which is travelling to new places, learnig about new cultures and meeting new people.

As I’ve said I travel a lot but most of the destination I visit are not usual tourist destinations. Always I try to find some unexplored, interesting places that noone of my friends has been to. Yeas, It may be said I like doing what nobody does. So, I like exploring places that no one of my comany has explred. I think going to places everybody knows is kinda borring, isn’t it? What’s interesting in visiting typical tourist destinaion full of visitors. Personally, I can see nothing but screeming, unbehaving, colourful tourists around me. Isn’t it better to look for some super-cool, undiscovered place where you indeed can see the real life of people living there, walk by beautiful uncommercialized streets, watching breathtaking views over mountains, sea, rivers and so on.

So, going through this blog you will see incredible places that you for sure have no idea about! I’m trying to describe my trips as closely as it is possible but the only way to feel the real atmosphere of the places I’ve been is to go there, see all of those charming or scary corners with your own eyes. However, if you cannot afford going to the places I went, check out my posts and see what you miss.