Krakow airport – a stop on every journey

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I travel a lot, but most of the places I visit are not very popular among tourists. I always try to find unexplored, interesting places where none of my friends have been. For me, visiting places where everyone has already been and everything has been discovered is quite boring and pointless. Isn’t it better to look for some mysterious, undiscovered place where you can actually see the real life of the people living there, walk through beautiful, non-commercialized streets, see breathtaking views of mountains, sea, rivers and so on?

Fortunately, today’s developed world and excellent communication allows me to get to virtually any place on Earth in just a few or several hours. Airports or train stations located in big cities are a must when starting or ending an adventure. That’s why I like it when they are well marked and connected with other places in the country. Of course, for the wealthier ones there is the option of buying a personal chauffeur right away, who will drive them around the city in an exclusive limousine. But I can’t always afford such things…besides, it’s not my thing. Traveling is an adventure for me.

In Poland, one of the most famous airports is Balice near Krakow. The airport is perfectly connected with the city center. There are many options to get to your destination. Just type in the search engine: Krakow airport transfer or Krakow airport VIP transfer, or just call a cab. There are also many representatives of local companies that offer individual tours around Krakow. Personally, I was tempted to advertise Krakow Direct as all their services suited me perfectly.

This time I am taking you to Krakow

I spent 3 days in Cracow and it was really great time for me. I visited several monuments in the city, which were very impressive. Wawel Castle, St. Mary’s Basilica or National Museum, really make an amazing impression. However, these are quite cliché places, and as I mentioned before, I like something more sophisticated. That’s why I decided to do a bungee jump in Krakow. Honestly – the view was not breathtaking, that it takes place between buildings, but adrenaline reward everything.

Bungee jumping and my personal feelings

Overcoming fear and trying new things is my other self. I believe that our only limitations are our minds…and sometimes money.

The instructor on the mountain directly said that if someone is afraid it is very good, it is impossible to prepare for the jump, on the mountain it is completely different, the fear is so strong that it is hard to jump and the brain says “NO!”. With these types of attractions we can learn about the limitations of our brain and how it affects our decisions.

Back to the tourist aspect, I booked a private tour from Krakow with the tour and transfer company Krakow Direct because it was the best option for me – fastest and most convenient with a professional driver and guide. Anyway, the trip to Auschwitz was yet to come and I was very excited. We left at 8:00 am and the drive was only 1h 15min . As soon as we got there, my excitement turned into overwhelming fear. During the drive we watched a movie about the liberation of the camp and I was already enthralled.

Impressions from Auschwitz

This was the most terrifying trip I have ever been on in my life. Honestly, I can walk on top of a volcano or hover over a precipice. However, the trip to Auschwitz was not that kind of trip. I must admit that it was the most difficult trip for my mind and heart. I never thought I could be so emotional. Anyway, I really recommend everyone to take a tour of Auschwitz.

The Auschwitz Memorial and Museum has been in existence since 1947 and attracts more and more visitors every year. Of course, I have heard about this place before. However, I never had time to go to Poland. This country always seemed boring to me – at least in comparison to other European countries. Thanks to the Auschwitz tour, I completely changed my mind.

What I saw during this Auschwitz tour will definitely remain in my memory forever. I was always looking for crazy adventures that would give me adrenaline or scare me. The Auschwitz Museum gave so many thrills that I needed a break from the strong emotions. It also gave me a lot to think about, including myself. I think that everyone should take a trip to Auschwitz, at least once in their lifetime. Above all, it is extremely important to learn the historical truth. However, it is also an opportunity to test your own emotions and think about your own life and how good it is.

During my visit to Auschwitz, I saw the two main parts of the camp – Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Brikenau. I saw the places where prisoners lived, worked, and died. I was most horrified by the gas chambers used for mass extermination. The Germans used a gas called Zyklon B, which could kill 1000 people in 20 minutes. Prisoners were told it was just a shower, so they had to take off their clothes… Another exciting place was the block where prisoners received their punishments. Our guide, who took us through the entire tour of Auschwitz, told us about the different types of punishments that were just unbelievably cruel. Furthermore, you didn’t have to do anything wrong to receive punishment. Sometimes it was the officer’s bad temper that caused the inhumane punishment. We also saw the barracks where the prisoners slept, of course, in inhumane conditions.

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