The strangest place

My trip to Socotra I started by learning about the local cuisine. I suffer from white diarrhoea and even the smallest portion of gluten may have very sad consequences to me. That’s why everytime I’m planning a trip to some far, unknown place I need to check out whether I’m gonna be safe and sound regarding the food.

You may think I’m a bit sensitive but trust me I’ve been to so many places in the world and a few times I was just condemned to eat my spare can-food only for 2 weeks. Now I am much more wary and check out everything before! Going to Sokorta in Jemen I was even more focused on the local cuisine since the island is apparently the most specific place on the earth!

At least in terms of the the plant life. Indeed, on the island you can see plants that occure in no other place on the Earth! Wow! Now try to imaging how unique and amazing must the island be! Indeed, it looks like some otherworld place. The island in itself is pretty small, 130km length and about 50km width. The place is under constant observation of ONZ scientics team and not without reason it’s cinsidered to be the strangest looking place on the planet.

The plant that impressed me the most was Dragon Blood Tree. The name is because of the red coulour of resin excreting. The legend is that ages ago there was a big fight between a dragon and an elephant. The animal’s blood tainted the island’s ground and trees red. The tree looks like a huge umbrella and gives a lot of shadow during the hottest days. Anothwe incredibly odd trees are The Desert’s Roses with enormous bulbs. The bulbs are to gather water for droughts that happen a few times a year.

The island is very quiet and calm place, perfect to relax. The only problem is that there are not many place to hang out since most of the isle is under the researches and investigations. However, if I was to choosing the next year holiday destination it would be for sure Sokotra in Jen. The water is so turquoise like nowhere else, it’s almost like unreal. Only a few years ago the island has been open for tourists. Unquestionably, I recommend to visit this place until it’s a calm and not so busy place.

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  1. Wow, smells like a perfect destination to rest. Turquoise water, fabulous weather, no tourists! I’m in!;)

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